October 27th, 2012

Looking for something to do on a Sunday instead of watching football or cleaning up from a great Saturday night? Come on down to Sutter Landing Park  from 12 -4  in the  afternoon to spend time with your friends in the community to help generate the buzz & a solution about McKinley Park Playground being burned down last July 29th, 2012.

McKinley Park Playground was constructed in 1994 with donations and city funds, with 2,500 volunteers erecting it in just four days. The local community in East Sacramento and Midtown built and maintained the playground as parks budgets shrank.  Unfortunately on July 29th, 2012 an Arsonist burned down the play structure. It was reported around 1:18 am where the fire crew arrived quickly to find flames over 50-60 feet high. Most of the community and volunteers are hoping that the park play structure will be finished with in the year hopefully by summer of 2013.

I have lived in Sacramento since 2001 and McKinley Park was one of my first loves of Sacramento. Moving from a town where the only park was the high school football field- this park was a dream. It has everything a community park could want or need. I have enjoyed the over populated walking track where I met good friends on a run, a dog friendly park ( side note: all dogs must be on a leash in public areas… i know. ), a beautiful rose garden to sit and read, a children’s library, and the water pond next to the children’s play structure where laughter was heard all day.

Stop on by while on your afternoon bike ride for some Sacto MoFo food along with 14 of the region’s best mobile kitchens,  visit with  Councilman Steve Cohn, and MC Mark S. Allen, and  listen to some music by Hero’s Last Mission and Rebel Punk. The event will have a beer garden full of local micro brews and wine. So this is what I am planning on doing on Sunday, October 28th, 2012… I am going to give back to the park that gave me shade when I was hot, a place to play when I was on the couch, and friendships that  I made all at McKinley Park.

by: NaomiGLucchesi

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