Sitting in my office today, I started to hear the sounds of bagpipes and drums coming from the window. I looked outside, expecting to see a parade, and when one never appeared, I got curious. Since I work across the street from the Capitol, I figured it might be some kind of protest (we get those pretty often). I was surprised to find that Capitol Park wasn’t full of the usual State workers eating lunch or people yelling into bullhorns. Instead, I saw all kinds of people setting up outdoor event tents, catering trucks, and sound equipment. I went over and asked an official-looking woman what was going on with all the drums and bagpipes. She informed me that the California Fire Foundation was setting up for their 10th Anniversary Tribute Event to honor fallen firefighters in California.

I have to admit, I have walked through that park dozens of times, and not once have I noticed the huge firefighter statues, memorial benches or the Memorial Wall. I’m pretty ashamed of myself for being so oblivious to the beautiful memorials that have been there for 10 years. She then went on to explain that tonight (October 19th) will be their Anniversary Tribute Event at 6pm, and tomorrow will be their 10th Annual Memorial Ceremony at 11:30am, both at Capitol Park in Downtown Sacramento.

She said it will be a beautiful and wonderful event that anyone can attend. Whether you know a fallen firefighter, a current or retired firefighter, or would simply like to show your support and gratitude for those who have dedicated their careers to saving the lives of others, please feel welcome to attend one or both events. Music will be performed by the Pipes and Drums of California Professional Firefighters – and I can already tell you – they are really good!

Artists of all kinds are welcome and encouraged to attend in the hopes that the event will influence and inspire their work.

Please visit for more information about these events or to learn more about the memorial statues or the Memorial Wall in Capitol Park.

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