Ty Segall’s most recent album, Twins, was placed into my hands on a semi warm day in early October.  The guys at Phono Select said with a big ol’ smile, “You’ll like this one, I know it.”  As soon as I heard the first few notes, I was transported to an earlier time of garage bands and visions of girls dancing barefoot in shift dresses.

Ty Segall sounds like early Beatles, only a little rougher.  The album is obviously carrying a strong 60’s influence.  Twins is full of heavy symbols and steady drums.  If we were still in the mid-century, this album would sound futuristic.  However in the present day, the nostalgia of the echoing vocals and grimy guitars, generates the feeling that it is new again.

Opening the album is Thank God for Sinners.  The opening track eases you into Twins with garage rock guitars and fuzzy vocals.  It leads you into what you think will be the mood for the entire album, and in a way it is.  Throughout the songs will bounce from what seems to be a well plotted out jam session and then leads to a few ventures that represent more of a psychedelic dance party.

The angelic vocals of Brigid Dawson from Thee Oh Sees’, brought in on “The Hill” while unexpected, are perfectly fitting and compliment Segall very well.  Everything on the album feels is very dreamy until you hit “They Told Me Too”  Segall then takes a turn to a little rougher side.   Even then, with all that rock and roll dribbled in, it is still very much the same band.  “Gold On The Shore” is simply pretty.  The lyrics are full of love, and his voice gently sings along with an acoustic guitar.  It is a stray from all of the heaviness of the rest of the album.

Nothing on this album is cohesive however each song is led rather perfectly to the next.  While the genres bounce around a bit there is never a time that each song doesn’t feel like it beings with the next.   It seems that Segall is doing whatever he wants and it is working.

This collection was made to be heard as an album.  Each song is an important step to the next.  It may take a few listens, but eventually, you will realize that you have found something very special.

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