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Another full moon came and went and so did the CD release party for The Old Screen Door at Marilyn’s on K. Cover charge at this event was well worth it as along with a lovely hand stamp you received, however the real prize: The Old Screen Door’s self-named EP.

For those of you who have had the pleasure to see these fellas live you already know what kind of show they put on—an extremely energetic one. That Saturday night on K Street was no exception. The action started early with a Mr. James Cavern performing to everyone’s delight. The smooth tones that this man emits could calm a ravenous horde.

Next up, B&B Music Factory took control of the stage and funked it up a notch or two. After thirty or forty mind-melding minutes, and having worked the eager crowd to an intense energy level, these talented musicians also yielded the stage to the band of the night: TOSD.

Like always, the crowd was stoked to hear these guys perform. With big smiles and lots of anxious people watching, The Old Screen Door took the stage. After showing their appreciation verbally the band started wielding their instruments in order to show their appreciation to those in attendance musically. Always a pleasure, on that last Saturday night in September it was to no one’s surprise that TOSD rocked once again. But this is nothing new to those who know this already. What some may be wondering is: what is the EP like?

After having let the The Old Screen Door cycle through about a dozen times or so in my car I can say today, without a doubt, that the TOSD self-titled EP is a pure joy. With glorious vocals by Garret Wildgust, harmonic keys by Michael Buck, thumpin’ drums from Harrison Reich and a funky bass by Jonathan McKneely this band has got it all. The energy that these guys pour into their craft on stage is clearly reproduced on this EP. A word to the warning though: as you are listening to Bar Fight check your speed frequently to avoid speeding tickets—it seems like it could have that effect.

The Old Screen Door’s latest EP is available right now at the ZuhG Life Store in the Downtown Plaza.

Learn more about the band at

CD Art by Rashael Parker

Words John Wheeker

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