Kevin Seconds apart from 7 seconds is an entirely different situation.  At first listen to Kevin Seconds new album, Don’t Let Me Lose Ya, I thought it was a mistake.  Having never listened to his past solo material I assumed that maybe I had clicked a wrong button somewhere in the downloading process.  The Kevin Seconds I know (as a part of 7 Seconds) is loud, hardcore, punk rock with a message.  His solo work is the complete opposite direction of what I was expecting.

The album is completely acoustic and a bit twangy.  It was however, a pleasant surprise to find out that the hardcore legend has a softer side to him.  It is a well crafted album, and lyrically very thoughtful.  After listening twice I realized he is sincere in what he is trying to accomplish and is still vocalizing his thoughts just as loud as he ever has, it just turns out this time he is talking about love.

Vocal harmonies and light acoustic guitar strums become a perfect lazy day listening experience.  Somewhere between the harmonica and light touch of country, the album has an American Road trip feel.  I am sure that this album will become a summer staple for many people.

“Only Drug” may have been my album favorite.  The simple feel of the song had my foot tapping with its country roots and genuine lyrics.  Seconds perfectly captured how much love can influence your ups and downs throughout life.  He spoke of a break-up with complete honesty.  I had to giggle when I heard the line, “…you are the only drug I’ve ever done, besides the small amount of pot I smoked in high school…”

I always enjoy when boys just sing, especially when you are accustomed to seeing them do the opposite on stage.  This album highlights not only Seconds vocal ability, but his songwriting skills.  I feel that Don’t Let Me Lose Ya, will be attractive to his longtime fans and reach out to some new folks as well.  It is nice to see that Kevin Seconds is tender-hearted.  Not like we didn’t already know, but I think this album makes if official.

Don’t Let Me Lose Ya will be released tomorrow,  October 9th on Asian Man Records.  Make sure to pick up a copy.

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