This past Sunday I found myself at Townhouse, a little sleep deprived, but ready for some music.  Lite Brite and The Low Flying Owls, two great Sacramento bands would be taking the stage on this warm October night.

Lite Brite is one of my favorite Sacramento bands.  They are fun to watch, experimental, and something that is a bit different then you are expecting to find floating around town.  When they play they rock hard, every last one of them.  And it’s refreshing to see young kids doing something different, doing something interesting and owning it like nobodies business.

I knew going in that they were a funny band to open for The Low Flying Owls.  Complete opposites, with one common ground, Sacramento.  Each band attracted very different crowds to the venue, which may have been the plan all along.  It was a pretty good turn out for a Sunday night.

The Low Flying Owls have been around for a little while, however it has been nearly 7 years since their last album.  The band was born in Sacramento, but then took flight and spread their wings looking for adventure in the early 2000’s and have now landed in Los Angeles, CA.  They made their way back up to Sacramento to promote their new EP LOVEVOLVE.

The crowd went still as the band took the stage.  The music starts and I immediately smile, as do all the ladies.  Jared Southard’s voice is a bit dreamy.  He softly breathes out these melodious lyrics of girls and love and is perfectly accompanied by gentile vocal harmonies and sweet musical arrangements.  Keyboards, a steady bass, and upbeat guitar cords dance throughout the words to complete the experience.  Lyrically the band has grown up since Elixir Vitae.  Musically, they have lost that little bit of their grunge and grit they used to have and picked up a bit more pop. The Low Flying Owls are a bit more mellow these days, but don’t let that fool you.  They still have songs that will keep you tapping your feet and dancing around.  When they played “I’ve Got a Woman”, the girls couldn’t help but to start twirling about and clapping their hands along to the beat.

The band sounds just the same on stage as they do in their album, which is always a good sign.  If I used one word to describe them it would simply be pretty.  They play pretty solid together and looked as if they were enjoying themselves, which in turn excited the crowd.   They definitely had a few groupies sprinkled throughout the venue, wearing Low Flying Owl t-shirts, smiling dreamy eyed, and singing along with every last word to leave Southards lips.

Now normally, I would have rocked a little harder, but I had just been a part of an all weekend scooter rally that had kicked my butt.  Right when it was time to take a nap, it was actually time to go to the show.  So to say the least, I went into it all a little sleepy.  While Lite Brite woke me up, The Low Flying Owls mellowed me back out which left it as the perfect mix of hard and soft.  All in all it was a great show.

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Luckily the band was kind enough to answer a couple questions a few days prior to the show.  Turns out they are pretty funny.  Here’s what they had to say.

1. For those who don’t know, tell us who you guys are and what you do. 

Low Flying Owls formed in Sacramento and we’ve been writing music together for the better part of 13 years. We’ve had a hiatus or two in between.

2. So speaking of hiatus, what besides making music, have you been doing?

A couple of bank heists, mens underwear modeling, a little gambling. All are true except for the gambling. We’ve been busy with other creative endeavors i.e. Exquisite Corps, Jared Dreams of Far Out Things, Imaginary Persons to name a few. A couple of us have worked with Noel Gallagher and Mike Bruce on the High Flying Birds music videos. Nice name, eh?

3. If you were asked to describe your sound what would you say? 

Experimental Pop, Avant Pop. Good old fashioned Rock and Roll at times. It’s like mixing a drink. What are you in the mood for?

4. What has changed since Elixir Vitae? Have you evolved musically?  Grown personally?  Do you think it is showing in your new songs?

The lineup has changed throughout the years. We’ve evolved and matured. People and songs come and go. I’m wiser and more twisted now than ever. At some point you stop taking yourself too seriously although I’m still very serious about the craft of songwriting. The new EP is very pop oriented. We didn’t fuss around in the studio too much. I think Elixir Vitae sounds young and eclectic to me. There’s a few good one’s on there.

5. What is inspiring you?

Nature and animals. People talk too much.

6. How do you keep the same people playing and touring together for so long without killing each other?

Massage, pills and liquor.

7.  Where was your favorite show that you ever played?  What was the venue?  Who did you play with?

The Crystal Ballroom with Blonde Redhead. There was one show, we were supporting The Fall, and Mark E. Smith just all of the sudden left the stage mid set. Our drummer picked up the mic and did his best Mark E. Smith impersonation. It was pretty funny and he was spot on if you closed your eyes. Well done Sam.

8. What is the last show you went to? 

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. A little too perfectly rehearsed. I went to the bar after a few songs. Great album though!

9. Any loves other then music?

I think all of us would agree on Film.

10. Anything we should keep our eyes open for?  Tours, albums…

We’ve got a few shows on the West Coast planned for the Fall. There’s a full length Low Flying Owls album up our sleeves waiting to be recorded. Jared Dreams of Far Out Things will transition into a new project I’m currently writing songs for. Check out the Lovevolve clothing line by Poss Lambert and yours truly. Some of the pieces are inspired by songs on the new EP. Exquisite Corps has a new album available and Imaginary Persons is coming soon via our new bass man Tommy Alexander! What a spoonful.

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