Beer makes me dance. I’m guilty, I admit it. I like to dance, and beer makes me do it even more. Or at least that’s what my shirt says.

So I walk into this sandwich shop in Oakland last weekend wearing my purple cotton t-shirt that proclaims to the whole world, “BEER MAKES ME DANCE!” and the sandwich maker takes my order. Then, out of the blue, she tells me, “You look like the kind of person who would like this thing called Dance Party. I’m going to give you the information for it.” And I’m thinking, okay… but how did you know I like to dance? So then she goes on, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, or what made me think of this thing, but then I guess you are wearing a shirt that says ‘BEER MAKES ME DANCE!’ so you must like to dance, right?” Yeah, okay, she figured me out. I guess people can read me like an open book.

So I eat my sandwich, which was pretty delicious, thank you very much, and then I Google “Dance Party San Francisco” and oh my, this thing sounds right up my alley. There’s dancing and there’s costumes and a dj and cameras. From what I can tell, Dance Party is a television show filmed for a Bay Area cable television station, KOFY TV. You show up at the KOFY TV studios in San Francisco on certain days announced on the KOFY TV website and facebook page, dressed in 80’s wear on most occasions, or in theme party attire as announced by KOFY TV. This weekend there are three episodes of Dance Party being taped – two episodes of 80’s Dance Party, and one episode of Saturday Night Fever theme party. Then it seems they let you into the studio, the host comes out and starts the party, the dj starts playing tunes, the cameras roll, and the people dance! It’s just campy enough to look like you are watching an old episode of American Bandstand or Soul Train, but this show is being filmed in 2012.

From Dance Party’s facebook page, I gathered that there is going to be a taping of Dance Party this Saturday, September 29, but also more tapings on October 13th, November 10th, and December 15th. I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing happening! And I’m so happy I walked into that sandwich shop. It must have been my destiny.

You can find out more about Dance Party here:

Words Lorraine Gonzalez

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