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After a long day consisting of  yard work and watching football I thought I could use a treat.  To my delight,  I discovered FOODMOB would be putting on a Street Food Festival in Elk Grove Regional Park. This event was held by the city inviting over 15 Food Trucks.
Most of the local food trucks from the valley were present at the park. It was a short 15 minute drive from Sacramento.  Elk Grove Park provided plenty of parking and shade.  There was some music in playing in the park and a small beer garden.  As I drove into the park many locals were having picnics or participating in softball or baseball games.  It was cute to see the players walking around the FOODMOB with their uniforms and cleats on.
I was going with the mind-set that I would try as many trucks as I could, but the FOODMOB knocked me out after the first truck.  It was my fault.  I started out at Heavenly Dogs with a Western Bacon Dog.  The Western Bacon Dog consits of a hot dog wrapped in bacon, with tomato, fried onion rings, shredded cheese, and special sauce.  Then I tried the “Hella” good corn dog.  It was Hella good!  I was full, but of course since I was sharing all of this food, I thought to myself I worked hard in the yard today, why not have a beer and wash it down with some chili-cheese fries.  I was done for.
I have to say, “CONGRATS”  to a great event in Elk Grove today. If you are interested in finding local food trucks or attending their events check out

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