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You don’t have to be a reporter to know a good lead when you stumble upon one. When I heard that Awkward Lemon (a great band which I was introduced to through ZuhGfest) would be playing at Folsom Beer Garden Pub on Friday the 7th of September I pounced on the opportunity to see them again.

Located near the corner of Greenback, at 6608 Folsom-Auburn Rd, tucked into a strip-mall, lies the Folsom Beer Garden Pub. Once parked and upon opening my door I knew which way to head, as the sweet sounds of North Bound Train poured through the lot making one wonder if everyone took the same amount of joy from the music of the Grateful Dead as these fellas do. Luckily, I arrived in time to catch most of their set, because had I missed that I would have been quite upset. I wish I could have seen TJ McNulty, the opening act, because although I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him, his presence in this crowd of talented musicians speaks highly of his ability.

After North Bound Train had stepped aside came Adrian Bellue, true to his style, with an impromptu performance that no one took for granted. Along with masterfully plucked strings in accordance to skillfully placed chords he mixes in all sorts of percussive sounds created upon his six-string. Be sure to look for his upcoming CD, soon to be released.

Adrian Bellue took leave and much applause as he made way for the folks of Awkward Lemon—Alyssa, Logan, and Westin. Soothing sounds shortly after followed; these harmonic emotions fit the setting—of good vibes in the treetops—like tea fits a cup. Awkward Lemon was a big hit once again. If you missed Awkward Lemon at the Folsom Beer Garden Pub, fear not,  for you can catch them along with Adrian Bellue on Saturday September 22 at The Strum Shop ($10 cover) located at 408 Roseville Square, Roseville, California 95678, starting at 7pm.

Another big hit at Folsom Beer Garden Pub is the BIG cans with a little price of PBR 24oz for just $2.75. Yet another hit still is when an entire gigantic conglomeration of talented musicians chose to spend the remainder of their evening playing unplugged. With re-enforcements—coming by way of BIG cans from astonished patrons—this offering of joy lasted until the minute of closing time.

Be sure to check out the action on Friday nights with more live music to come at the Folsom Beer Garden Pub. Also on Tuesday nights will be open mic night starting around 7:30.

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Words John Wheeker

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