As Isak Dinesen said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea”. Well here in Sacramento, that third element isn’t really an option. What is it about water that makes us feel so relaxed? Whether it’s a dip in the pool or a vodka on the rocks, water (in whichever form) finds a way to satisfy our every need. Sometimes all we desire is a little H2O. So where is a gal to go to get a little wet n wild?

The answer to that is SurfXtreme, Sacramento’s first indoor surfing spot. Located a mere twenty minutes from Sacramento, SX is the perfect destination for a day at the beach. Walking into their facilities you are greeted by enthusiastic and friendly staff who are always eager to help. As you mentally prepare for a ride on the waves, you have several options. Taking a step up on their indoor deck, you can chill in their beach lounge chairs and watch TV or you can take a look in their clothing store. For the little kids in us, you can bounce it out on their indoor trampoline and for the big kid in us you can grab a beer at the bar! SX has something for everyone, but the most impressive is the Flowrider. The Flowrider is an automated surf simulator that combines the illusion of surfing, with the ride of snowboarding and the tricks of skateboarding. The water temperature is climate controlled so unlike the real ocean, you will never freeze. The floor of the Flowrider is made of trampoline style material so it absorbs your fall and bounces you back up. The smell of chlorine fills the air and if only for a short time, you forget you are in the fifth most miserable city in the U.S. but instead at the beach riding some waves.

With the option of a body board or surfboard, there is something for every skill level. The surf instructors are always standing by eager to help make the experience more enjoyable for you (while also catching a few waves themselves).  With waves, tunes, trampolines, beer and food all in one place…where else do you need to be?!  Head down to SurfXtreme to curb those wet dreams; Not only will you learn something new,  you’ll have fun doing it.


3223 Laguna Blvd.

Elk Grove,CA

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Words Rica Douglas

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