For some of us, the waning of the moon brings with it a certain feeling of restlessness, or maybe readiness is a better word, and when the moon comes to fruition twice in the same month this itch is even stronger. August 31, of this year marked the occurrence of the second full moon of the month, which, many may know is referred to as a blue moon. Sometimes, on nights such as these, the cool mountain air is filled with glorious music cut with heathenish howls…

On this past blue moon, a truly cosmic event took place: Cosmic Family Gathering. This three day music festival along the south fork of the American River had a feel genuinely unique. The music played from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. (with acoustic sets around the campsites lasting the entirety of the gathering) on Friday, Saturday, as well as Sunday. In the line-up were Egg, The Old Screen Door, The Island of Black and White, Full Melt, Awkward Lemon, Element of Soul, Isaac Bear, ZuhG, Massive Delicious, CFR, Instagon, Autumn Sky, Northbound Train, Adrian Belleu, Jammhead, Music Tribe, South Watt Social Club, and many others.

This cataclysmic collection of local artists, all of whom are doing so much so fast, making this an exciting time for all the Sacramento music lovers, put on quite a show. Although, hearing was not the only sense pleasantly escorted through the weekend; Stephanie van Alen was there representing Van Alen Customs (www.vanalenart.com) doing live paintings. Amara Miller was also a featured artist with her live painting and hand-made soap. Stephanie Sorensen of Sacred Paths Yoga led the willing in multiple yoga sessions throughout the weekend and jewelry and minerals and such could be found abound, along with hats and accessories. Those that missed out on the mahalo dogs from Dangerous Dan’s Hotdog Stand (dangerous_dans@yahoo.com), truly did miss out as those fantastic sausages were covered in peppers and onions with pineapple, and bay shrimp soaked in his secret marinade—and don’t forget to come back around late night for fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t fret if you weren’t there because those that were couldn’t stop talking about the next one to come… keep your ears open and your eyes peeled and directed at TUBE for further updates and future events from the Cosmic Family Gathering crew as well as those local artists whom contributed to make this event incredible.

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 Words John Wheeker

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