One of the best parts of being an American is the melting pot of food we have offered to us everywhere. From places like Taco Bell (we all have a little weakness for some fast food) to a more upscale P.F. Chang’s, we have it all.

While we do have a lot to appreciate, these restaurants always seem to be missing the true authenticity of the food’s culture. This takes away from the experience and taste of the food because they’ve become corporations meant to make money rather than cater to the origins of the food. Places like Macaroni Grill carry Peroni just because it’s Italian, while Peroni isn’t a bad beer but it’s not exactly known for its quality.

Lucky for those of us located in Sacramento, places like Tres Hermanas exist to satisfy a hunger for a truly genuine Mexican lunch and/or dinner experience. Located on K between 24th and 25th street, Tres Hermanas is a small but quaint Mexican restaurant. Upon your arrival, you’ll see a patio to the left that stretches into an L-shape all the way to the back of the restaurant and a fountain at its entrance that gurgles at you soothingly as you wait for a seat.

With no formal host desk, you’ll be confused as to where you might sit but the host soon appears to direct you to your seat. You look immediately in front of you as you enter to see a charming little bar that entices you in with its cushy seats and TV for watching sports events or current news. The bar is open-seating and often my seat of choice. The intimacy of the bar allows for an attentive and chatty bartender; making sure your drinks are never empty is the most important job a bartender can have, right?

If the bar is not for you, there’s plenty of seating outside and inside. Booths and tables adorn their walls. While the service is not phenomenal, it’s nothing to scoff at. The servers have a lot more tables than the bartenders, making the experience a little less personal. But they are always attentive, taking your drink and food order in a timely manner. Complimentary chips and salsa are placed on the table, a salsa with enough zest and spice for flavor but not burn your mouth. Upon request, you can get something spicier as well. Ten minutes later a “Wow, that was fast!” will leave your mouth mid-conversation as the scent of Al Pastor (a pork marinated in adobo sauce and pineapple) tacos and enchiladas waft into your nostrils and make your mouth water.

Their prices, while not the cheapest, are worth every penny. Tres Hermanas is the perfect place for a taste of Mexican-food heaven. Relax, take in the surroundings and eat your heart out!

Words Marissa Nicole

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