Shine.  I found it once by accident and had to go back to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. When I entered, my suspicions were pleasantly reinforced: Shine (1400 E St., 916-551-1400) on Tuesday nights (8-10:30) is a jazzy spot.

This quaint mid-town coffee house has an intimate, yet communal, feel concurrently. Instantly, one can tell that Shine is a favorite spot of the people that live in this neighborhood with pleasantries being exchanged abound. With the friendly staff greeting you and big comfy armchairs to indulge in as you sip your Blue Ribbon or glass of red, your pleasure has only begun. Now, comes, the jazz.

With this lively, diverse group of musicians comes a slight din of socializing as those who are already playing their part fill the air with bee-bopping sharps and flats. Having not played a note since I set down the trombone in middle-school, I followed the lead of those in the know about when to show my appreciation and applaud. With acoustics that mandate the tapping of the foot or nodding of the head filling the cozy space and time-polished brass, strings, and skins in the hands of those in the know, a deep sense of relaxation took hold of my ski-dat soul.

As a guest I at no time felt like an outsider and everywhere I looked I found something to capture my attention and please my eyes. From the great local art hanging about to the open-rafters and merry patrons, every glance enhanced the experience.

With the prices of beer and food being as reasonable as they are ($4 quesadilla with avocado and $2 PBR), prospective patrons ought to show up early. Shine’s Tuesday night jazz offers one the perfect spot to go to meet with friends or to meet new friends. See you there.

Words John Wheeker

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