METAL! Beyond the Depths of Space

Metal, with out a doubt has ruled all over the world with an iron fist. Even now metal continues to shift and shape itself into a dozens of varieties blending with instruments and vocals of all other styles of music creating sounds from the metal gods themselves.

As metal has been reaching new heights in the Sacramento scene Dire Peril is carrying a new the flag to the frontlines. Born in the mind of Jason Ashcraft in his early years Dire Peril was officially founded in Oct. 2010. Where black and death metal have dominated the Sac scene Dire peril brings forth a new light to the land. Playing Guitar since the age of twelve Jason developed a taste of a different kind. Having a desire to play and compose more complex work Jason drew his influence form band such as Iced Earth, Symphony X, Kamelot and MegaDeth Particularly from rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. Known for their shredding riffs, melodic vocals and conceptual themes in fantasy and space these bands have given birth to the next generation of power metal and Dire Peril has brought it to Sac town’s door step.

Dire Peril renders elements of the Power Thrash genre and are talking it one step beyond and shooting for the stars.  With space being the theme for concept album Through Time and Space, Dire Peril is releasing the Astronomical Minds E.P a teaser to the full length and will be unleashing its own sound to the Sacramento metal world this Friday August 17th at the Board Walk free of charge. Also free downloads available on the bands Face Book Facebook/Direperil. Check it out and keep update with the band!

If you’re looking for a new cup of tea in your music collection Dire Peril has the right blends of innovating orchestration, traditional fast riffs and haunting melodies, a band for all types of palettes.

Words Ernesto Perez

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