Have you ever heard of Circus Vargas? If you haven’t, you should definitely get to know who they are and what they are about. Circus Vargas is a circus trying to bring back the glamour, thrills and heart-pounding excitement of the authentic old-time circus under the big top, using only human performers and no animals (which was a huge determining factor in my decision to check them out!)

Upon walking in at the start of the show to buy your tickets and concessions, you may wonder why most of the staff helping you is wearing dazzling makeup, looking ready to perform. That’s because they are! Once the show begins, you realize that the nice lady who painted your daughter’s face, or the woman who sold you your ticket, or the young man who handed you your popcorn, are all extremely talented entertainers performing in the show. The ringmaster explains that Circus Vargas consists of a tight-knit group of family and friends, who, in some cases have been performing in the circus for up to three generations.

The show begins with a few amazing acts involving a juggler (can you juggle 8 balls at once?), a hula hoop performer (did she really just hula hoop with 10+ hoops? In the air???), and a clown who not only gets the crowd going and allows the crew to set up for the next act, but who also gets the crowd directly involved in some hilarious situations.

There’s a brief intermission, and then in the second half, Circus Vargas delivers the more death defying and astonishing acts in its arsenal, with flying trapeze artists, aerialists, tightrope walkers, and a family of motorcyclists performing together in an enormous steel sphere.

The show climaxes with what the ringmaster proclaims is Circus Vargas’s first-ever human rocket. It takes a bit of setting up, as the crowd waits in anticipation, but finally the Ringmaster gets the crowd to start the countdown and the human rocket is launched through the big top, flips through the air, and lands perfectly into the center of his target to the astonishment of the crowd!

Circus Vargas definitely delivered! I’m so happy to have been able to witness this performance, and to share this experience with my family who were all enthralled by every act presented. Thank you Circus Vargas for coming to my hometown!

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Words and photos Lorraine Gonzalez

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