Matt Marrujo is doing some big things.  He has been slaving himself to the Sacramento music scene and it is starting to pay off.  Between managing the band The Bar Fly Effect, and promoting shows through RISE ENTERTAINMENT he has now taken it a step further and opened up The Where House?.

The Where House? is a fairly recently opened all ages venue.  While it is a bit off the grid it has all of the promise of a boisterous adventure.  The Where House? could not have appeared at a better time, considering that all ages venues seem to be disappearing quite rapidly.  Door tickets are reasonable, you will find affordable beer, a food truck, live music and even some artist showing off their goods.

I had the opportunity to catch up with my old friend a few weeks ago to hear all about what he has been up to and his future plans.  We grabbed some cold beers on a warm night so I could ask him how it all came about.  Matt had worked in the computer field for years, then one day he just realized that life is only good if you are doing what you love.  So he stopped what was supposed to be his career and completely changed gears.  The wheels started turning and what started as a hobby and dream began to cross over into reality.

We sipped our beers and both giggled about choosing your passion over extravagance and how it leads you to eating a lot of pasta and bean burritos.  We spoke about the sacrifices you make in order to let your dreams come true.  And we talked about how it is all worth it.  Matt says, “to sum it all up, it needs to be heard”.  Music being it and he couldn’t be closer to the truth.  And then he invited me to come and see his new venue.  I, of course, accepted.

When I first arrived I felt like a teenager again.  The crowd was spilling into the lot where couches placed in parking spaces contained bodies waiting for the next act.  Savannahpollza was in full affect.  Off the bat, I was greeted by Chef Amore with a smile and some great smelling food.  Upon entering I found Matt, scampering between beer sales and sound engineering, smiling through the entire clamor.  The venue walls splashed with brightly colored works from local artists.  The stage was slowly surrounded by people and the next thing you know the music starts. It was a full line up featuring MagiKool Doods, M Section, Get Shot! and Decent Criminal.  It all felt very underground and more like a hang out then a venue.

The first visit was complete cause for another.  This second time yielded another fantastic line up and another swanky title for the show.  Summer Slummin’ proudly presented a five band line up consisting of Slaves Of Manhattan, Incrusted Dust, Set to Score, Self Proclaimed, and Maidens Sorrow.  This show was packed with a younger crowd.  It was very nostalgic and quite refreshing to see a new generation falling into the local music scene.

Matt’s attitude towards the entire operation is exceptional.  He is truly concerned that not only is it entertaining for the crowd but beneficial for the artists and musicians.  He is so intensely involved in the local music scene, you glimpse the love and devotion he is putting into this adventure.  Which explains why he is getting so much support back.  Between friends, fans and some kick ass music, I am sure The Where House? will be alive and kicking for quite some time.

The Where House? is mostly dabbling in punk rock and a few metal shows at this time, however, the venue is open to incorporating some new sounds into the building.  They are booking shows on Fridays and Saturdays as of now and are planing to throw Thursday into the mix soon.

If you are thinking that it is time to go see a show at The Where House? Saturday August 25th is the perfect time. The Chernobog CD Release Party is a FREE show! Bands include Chernobog, Krippler, Divided Allegiance, War of Aggression, and Revolver.

Doors open at 7:00, bands start at 8:00.  Get yourself off the grid and go see a show. We will be there and you should be too. Don’t forget to say hello!

Visit for details.

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Information on the bands for the upcoming show below




Divided Allegiance

War of Aggression


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