Hidden on Q street between 19th and 20th you’ll find one of Sacramento’s newest places for rule-breaking, Pour House.

The location sits right next to the railroad tracks, looking sketchy with little surrounding it. I wasn’t sure what to think until I stepped through the doors, and stepped into the heart of the Prohibition. I slowly take in my surroundings with a deep breath…

I was immediately surrounded by the melodic sound of a young woman’s voice as her fingers slid fluidly across the strings of her acoustic guitar.  Bartenders decorated themselves in classy vests, fedoras and ties that could only be found in the 1920s. It was busy with life: live music, people waiting for tables and patrons already enjoying their meals. People hovered at the bar, desperately waiting to try one of their many delicious whiskey/bourbon cocktails. The lighting was dimmed, as if you just walked into one of Sacramento’s best kept secrets.

Weaving through the crowd, I grabbed a hold of their extensive beer list. I asked for a Allagash White, and was informed they were out. The bartender immediately compensated by offering something similar to it, though.  I glanced through their cocktails, finding most of them were whiskey, bourbon and/or scotch based. Discovering a theme, I studied the ornaments of whiskey bottles sitting on the shelves behind the large L-shaped bar. The number of types of bourbon, whiskey and scotch they were carrying had to be at least a hundred, if not more. I would be sure to enjoy one of their cocktails next.

While sipping my Leffe Blonde, I allowed my eyes to wander over the booths at the opposite end of the bar. They held Jameson and beer taps on each booth and iPad’s integrated into the booths themselves. I wandered down the hall that led to a back bar and the patio where they were barbequing. The back bar was a little quieter and smaller if you’re looking for something a bit intimate, but same atmosphere.

I wandered back to the front and asked for their best cocktail and was handed a whiskey-based drink with fig and lemon flavors made perfectly for sipping. It was making out to be a relaxing evening and all my first impressions were good ones.

Watch out, though, for the Friday night crowd of drinkers out to take shots, get wasted and embarrass themselves. Even with the classy environment Pour House provides you with, there was a particularly pushy gentlemen that snapped and screamed at the bartenders to get their attention. The bartender handled him with finesse by dismissing his antics and closing out his tab without disturbing the rest of the peaceful drinkers.

Pour House carries the kind of atmosphere that makes time traveling back to the 1920s both entertaining and relaxing!

Visit Pour House on Facebook to hear more about their food specials and events! Their website is still under construction.

Words Marissa Nicole

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