Looking for something to do on a Monday night? Every Monday at Dive Bar (located on K street between 10th and 11th) you’ll find just enough party to get your week started right …or wrong. They hold a themed party from 9:30PM to midnight every Monday.

This last Monday was themed “Animal House,” similar to a frat party you’ll find at your local college. With streamers hanging from the bar, confetti decorating the floor and togas adorning the bartenders the night was set for a lot of fun and a little craziness. Featuring Jungle Juice as one of their drink specials, Dive Bar also held tournaments of Beer Pong and Flip Cup for all to enjoy the genuine atmosphere of an unruly frat house, without the hung over clean up in the morning.

Dive Bar features a different theme every week for everyone to enjoy, Party Rockin’ and 80s Prom Night are a few creative examples the staff at Dive Bar have come up with to liven up Monday nights. With live music and enthusiastic ‘tenders behind the bar, you’re sure to enjoy your Monday evening and get through the rest of your work week with a little grin.

Want to know Dive Bar’s next Monday night theme?

Words Marissa Nicole

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