Sacramento known for its strong roots in diversity and traditional culture it’s easy to see where Roberta Alvarado owner/designer of Free Bird design draws inspiration for her one of a kind jewelry. Born in Los Angles, Roberta AKA Berta transplanted to Sacramento as a baby and has been working within the Sacramento mid/down town arts community ever since. Making her mark in photography, Berta has rooted her connections to the visual arts scene being mentored by other local artist. Music being no exception as an influence, a song titled “la pistola y el Corazon” by latin artist Los Lobos would strike the chord that would later resonate in Berta’s new found passion.

Having started her own company officially in February of 2011, Berta has been staying busy gathering a variety of mediums to create everything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even adding a spin to otherwise traditional men and women’s rosary’s.

Recreating and recycling to render new and improved approach to the jewelry world, Free birds designs stands on the front line. Cultural diversity is not the only weapon in the arsenal.

With a woman’s body in mind quality as well as functionality is represented to complement and highlight the body’s movements as well as draw attention. Taken inspiration from everything such as music and art, Free Bird also provides an array of metallic pieces sleek sexy with a twist of tough for those looking for an edgy modern approach. Sets are made with blends of hand chosen stones each providing unique properties for those a taste for mysticism. Rosaries for both sexes are completely customizable to suit any individual. As the waves of fashion roll in and out Free Bird Designs continues to ebb and flow right along with the tides holding style and expression in the highest regards.

Free Bird Designs also work along local events such as the up coming Vampire Ball Oct. 22 in Old Sac. If your looking for a fresh inspirational and unique touch to your style you can find new Free Bird Designs by Berta at Au Ger’s Salon on 5600 H ST and also Krazy Mary’s on 33rd and Folsom. Online orders are available through Facebook  and paypal.

Photos compliments of Free Bird Design

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Words Ernesto Perez

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