Are you ready for a splash of color to brighten your days? Have you been craving some hot, sweaty community interaction, interspersed with fun, laughter, and maybe even some dancing? The Color Run is racing its way through the country this year, and Sacramento is lucky enough to be one of its destinations! Lucky for you, TUBE will be on the scene to document the whole kaleidoscopic adventure.

The premise is this: roll out of bed, throw on that white t-shirt laying on the floor next to your bed, get yourself to Capitol Mall, and then get ready to become a walking, talking rainbow. At this 5K event, each kilometer promises to sprinkle you with a different magical burst of color. Arrive at the end, and you are as bright and shiny as you will ever be! And apparently, there is a serious party when you reach the end of the rainbow as well.  We can’t wait!

More information is available at the Color Run website at:

See you there!

Words Lorraine Gonzalez

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