If second Saturday wasn’t already an exciting outgoing in midtown for people to look at art, watch local bands, or just have a fun night out with a couple of friends, this past Second Saturday was exceptional. Everyone had the chance to witness their worst fear; the zombie apocalypse.  People from all around Sacramento came together dressed as zombies. Eyes falling out, brains were being eaten, blood and guts everywhere as the zombies walked from Cheap Thrills at L and 17th Street to the Crest Theater.
As they walked down the street you can hear growls and moans.  The leader of the group would yell “What do we want? Brains? Arms? Legs?” the moaning and growling would get louder and more vicious, they were getting hungry. After the zombies had passed you could see the blood trail they had left behind them. The hand prints on the windows, blood smears on the ground where one had crawled, and foot steps on the pavement and dirt where they walked.
People from all ages dressed up and were in act. If you weren’t a zombie then you had better been watching your limbs. As the zombies came to the end of their walk they were treated with a discount at the Crest Theater.  The zombie walk kicked off of Sacramento’s own Film Trash Orgy.  The opening night movie was Army of Darkness.  Have no fear if you think you’ve missed all the fun, for the orgy has just begun.  And while you wont have watch your back for zombies, you are able to watch a thrilling tale each Saturday through August.  For more information visit
As the night ended there were fewer and fewer zombies and as a “runner” we we’re happy not to have become a zombie at the end of the night. We survived.
Words Paige Metcalf
Photos Melissa Uroff

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