Skateboarding is a sport.  It is a way to be an individual and a way to express yourself.  La Sierra Skate Park proved this when they built a skate park in 2000. The skate park was built out of an old high school pool and turned it into a master piece.  It was built for the kids who didn’t “fit” into “team” sports, such as baseball or basketball, to have a place to go.  It was also built for the people who were already skateboarding who didn’t have a place to skate. Most areas back in the day did not allow skateboarders to skate on sidewalks, bike lanes, or parking lots. This is still true, so now they have a place to go.  Skate parks.

In 2004, a new leader decided to step and take over the La Sierra Park, Bob Kerr, and he is still a proud manager of the park today. When Bob came to the park he decided to build a “skate team” that you can find on youtube to this day, know as Team Ninja Midget.  Their mission is,” To do as many good deeds using our skateboards and creativity to better the community and build many things.”  The park and the team really brings kids together.

Bob decided to remodel the park in 2008 demolishing the torn up structures and replacing them with a new “hip” skate park.  More and more skaters began to visit the park but what happened later was a total surprise.  People decided that skateboarders were a bad example and that they didn’t want there kids to become one of them. This bad reputation led to the park almost closing but thanks to Bob and Team Ninja Midget raising Funds and bringing the community together the park stayed open.There are still struggles, to this day.  Thanks to the skate team, Bob, the community, and the R Thrift store’s help the park remains open.

“ The Skate Park is pretty much where the black sheep come, as far as activities go. They come here to be individuals in there own athletic way.”  Bob spoke.  “Skaters are not “bad” examples, they are not bad people either, they are just human beings expressing themselves through what they know best.”

The La Sierra Skatepark cost one dollar to enter and is open to skateboard, scooter and rollerblade users of all ages.  So please come visit the skate park at

La Sierra Community Center

5325 Engle Road, Carmichael, CA 95608

And make sure to say Hi! to Bob.

Or visit and/or follow

Team Ninja Midget online, at:

If you are able donate to help save La Sierra Skate Park please visit


The Skaters of La Sierra

Words by Heather Uroff

Photos by Caitlin Mcgouran and Heather Uroff

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