Heels, hotties, and hair – that about sums up the 4th Annual Sacramento SwingTime this Saturday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Oh, and the music. There was plenty of that too. Spectators and swingers got to put their dance skills to the test with live performances by some really awesome bands.

The self-proclaimed renegade rock band Three Bad Jacks brought their rockabilly sounds to the stage, along with some hardcore fans singing along to their original songs. Then came the Phat Cat Swingers, a Southern California band who had the ladies going wild! This nine-piece band tore the roof off the place and gave the crowd a real show with bass, toms, guitar, horns, and smooth vocals. And finally, the man of the hour, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Phonics gave the crowd what they had been waiting for – a mix of country, blues, and rock & roll. The dance floor was packed with fancy footwork and twirling skirts, eagerly awaiting the next song to strut their stuff.

Deke’s set was followed by SwingTime’s Pin Up Pageant, where three lovely ladies were crowned as SwingTime royalty. Additionally, SwingTime hosted car clubs, custom bikes, a swimsuit fashion show, arts and collectibles, and a barbershop to get your hair pomped high, all in one spacious location. There was a little something for everyone to enjoy. All in all, a great way to spend a weekend.

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Lorraine (like the quiche) Gonzalez

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