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Concert in the Park


Music, language of the freaks, voice of the uncontrollable, rationalization of the unexplainable.

Touch it feel it breathe it know it be it.

Go to the show.

Play the show.

Be the pit.

Be the love the pain the confusion the understanding the absolute essence.

Be the racing heart genius that erupts through the ages. Blaring through time, opening minds and flooding hearts with every thing we need bursting beyond normal tones and language. Understand there is no limit there is no thresh old save that what we break past with each surging pulsing musical collide.

This was the ride at last Fridays Concert in the Park in Downtown Sacramento.

The famed and well known free all ages concert series that has just entered into its 21rst year in existence in this town has, as of last Friday, burst past the crest and all known limitations in the series history.

First of all this concerts set list was solid bold Punk Rock

City of Vain

Bastards of Young and

7 Seconds

with intnerludinal music by Dj Whores

Holy shit what a ride.

I’ve been attending this summer long series in Cesar Chavez Park for as long as I can remember but never have I seen such an eruptionus response at a concert in the park as I witnessed this last show.

I think Brittany Chords put it best while she was wearing a head band at a punk rock concert “when something happens, and people actually like it” there is no limit to what can happen.

Music is the answer, it is the solution to all that we are told we shouldn’t do.

Its raw its unhinged Its unadulterated, neither bought nor sold like Steve Ross the singer of City of Vain said “This music is free, we don’t play this show for $”

And that my friends is the essence of Punk Rock.

It is an existence It is a circling heaving pit of rapid drive like a heard of wildebeest frothing stunning heaving stampeding our selves into the thresholds of time.

The park was packed further than the eye could see. The smells of all the excellent food trucks, drifting past the smiling faces. The beers flowing like wine. The natural effects of the music taking hold of the young, the old, the middle aged and the homeless.

All of us here together with the walls of the beer garden torn away.

I witnessed an old man with a gold chain and an unbuttoned mauve rayon shirt freak the crowd.

I witnessed A Punk Rock Singer holding an American flag on the stage.

I witnessed 5 or 6, 5 or 6 year old’s instinctively start there own circling mosh pit when 7 Seconds began.

And finally I dedicated my favorite pair of sandals to the churning set long pit that raged though 7 Seconds entire performance (and they did at least 3 encores).

Bastards of Young handled it.

City of Vain proclaimed it, but

7 Seconds killed it!

This was one sick Punk show and there going to do it again Friday the 13th of July with

Another Damn Disappointment (ADD)

The Walking Dead

A Single Second


The Left Hand

With intnerludinal music by


And after what I was a part of last Friday you can danm well bet that TUBE will be there too!

Words by John Klaiber

Photos by Melissa Uroff Millner

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