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Bartenders Ball 2012

Sacramento’s Bartender Ball was held at Ace of Spades in midtown this past Monday night.  It is an once a year event for local bartenders to come and enjoy some drinks and live bands for free. This is all possible because of Jameson® sponsoring the event.  Jameson® supplied an unlimited amount of alcohol for everyone to enjoy for the night, Ace of Spades provided the venue. This is an invite only event to acknowledge all of our local bartenders who have served and helped all of us in the past.  It’s their night to be served, dance, listen to music, and party down with all their fellow neighboring bartenders and friends.  A special Thank you and toast to Jameson® for hosting the fun filled night, and a thanks to all of our favorite local bartenders for serving and hosting for us for the rest of the year.

Written by

Paige Metcalf


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