Mondo Deco is fun.  I can’t believe it took me this long to go see them.  Everything about them makes your body move, clap and absolutely scream rock and roll.  They fall somewhere between a 1960s pop band and 1980s garage rock.  Redd Kross’s influence is strong, as well as the New York Dolls, however, they hold their own by mixing in a little funk.

The band played late Friday night at Old Ironsides, starting at midnight, to an eager crowd. The minute they hit the stage the crowd responded instantly by clapping along and moving their bodies to the grimy guitar and heavy drums.  Lead singer, Jeremy Greene’s voice is like a soft scream backed up with perfect harmonies, strong guitar and drums that demand your attention.  The crowd was not at all shy with their dance moves and neither was the band.  The entire venue was full of movement and energy.

Mondo Deco feels a little dirty, like you have discovered something you are not supposed in a seedy club.  The glamour is definitely there, the band is fashionable down to the shoes.  They are raw and real and even a bit extreme, however they have my attention.   It is a fantastic to stumble upon something so different and still so familiar.  The world could use a little more rough tension to their rock and roll.  So go see Mondo Deco, because they are good.

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Words and photos by Melissa Uroff

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