“Look! There’s a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up.”
”Of course! The Enchantment Under the Sea dance! They’re supposed to go to this. That’s where they kiss for the first time!”

“Woo hoo!! Prom here we come!!” (My Date Ms. Bridget Gudmundson)


When I first heard about The Enchantment Under the Sea dance I was probably about 8 years old and I had just been introduced to time travel automatic dog food can openers and the infinite power that being in the right place at the right time can have over the form and substance of ones life and destiny.
The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Where Time changed and we saw Marty’s hand and his family begin to disappear and then Miraculously reappear So he could RIP out Johnny Be Good and then Ride the Lightning!
”Great Scott 1.21 Jiga Watts!”
”1.21 JIGAWATTS!!!”
”Einstein How could I have been so Careless!!!???”
Well folks that’s exactly what our good friends on the Committee of 2012 Enchantment Under The Sea Dance an Adult Prom were asking themselves a few weeks ago concerning their own personal high school stories of youth and carelessness and if they could only do it again they would surely do it right this time.

Well folks thanks to the Miracle of Quantum Realities and the infinite powers of Decision and Destiny they decided Hey, We Can Do It Again!

And so through the bar room genius of Joseph P Mohamed the 3rd, his Lovely Lady  Anna Gaebe and Jared Schuyler the Time Travel Dance was reborn to us right here in Sacramento.
A Committee was Formed A photographer was Hired DJ’s were Flown in, in our Da Lorian Time Machine from the 90’s Featuring Dj Jazzy Jeff (Dj Iself) Master P (Manny Ramirez) and Kurt Cobain (Dj Huggy Balls).
The point of all of this Folks is too have a great time because in hind sight a lot of us wish we had done more of this stuff in High school or had better experiences or just want to have a good old Prom again because like John Belushi says in Animal House


So weather you spent your Prom like Ben Stiller in Something About Mary,
“FFFranks and Beans!” (Warren)
Or you were the Prom King or Queen,
or you were like me and spent it with the cops.
This Proms for you!
Also there has been a special request made by the Fine Single Ladies who will be in attendance.
The request is
“Over there,(gulp) on my Hope chest” (Lorraine Baines)
The request is that there be Good Looking Single Dudes in attendance so that these single beauties will have some one Excellent to cut the rug with and wont be stuck standing against the wall.
So Get Ready folks because we “Are Going Back To the Future”
$10 a head but couples are only $15!

And since this event was planned by Professionals (Signature Casino Parties) who are doing it just to have fun the funds accumulated by any tickets sold exceeding there 30 ticket Quota to pay for the Hall and expense’s… will be used to buy drinks for people at the bar, oh yeah there will be a cash bar and photography at the event. Photos are included in the ticket price and will be sent to the ticket holders Via Chaperones after the dance.

But for the drinks “You on ya Own there Brotha” (one of Tooth Picks Boys from Don’t be a Menace…).
So Ladies get out those Ruffles and Dudes get out those Cumber Buns and Buy her a Corsage and Rent yo Self a Time Machine (Sorry Mines not fo Rent)
and get on out to the Elks Lodge in Carmichael at 5631 Cypress ave 95608

This coming Up Sunday June 3rd from 5:30 pm to 12 am.
RSVP is encouraged and

Tickets are available at

The Blind Pig

Ernie’s Interlude

The Longshot

The Club House

Luna Lounge and

The Pied Piper

Its going to be heavy
“There’s that word again, heavy. What’s happening in the future? is there something wrong with the Earth’s Gravitational pull?”
Ha ha, no doc every things cool.
Don’t be Square.
Be there.
Also just to clarify this is real life not the movies, we’re not really traveling back in time to the fifties.
Were traveling back in time to the 90’s. Well most of us are… We at TUBE Magazine won’t tell you what time you have to travel back too we will just tell you where to go.

And that’s To the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance The Legitimate Second Chance Prom!

@ the Carmichael Elks Lodge. This Sunday June 3rd from 5:30 to 12 pm
”Great Scott!”

This is going to be a good time.

And remember,

“Last night, Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out, that he’d melt my brain.” (George McFly)
And then you would have to wait another 5000 or 26,000 years for the Fracticular cycles to be at this point again, and Honestly Folks, Who wants to wait that long?
See you at the Prom.

Written by John Klaiber

(All quotes are either from Back to the Future or Something About Marry or Caddie Shack or Don’t Be a Menace While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood, wait I took the Caddyshack quote out but don’t worry there’s no shortage of opportunity to quote that Classic!)

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  1. hello! joey and i found your blog last night googling your names! hope that’s not too stalkerish. we will be there late…can’t guarantee that we will be fully decked out, but we will try!

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