Rumor is that the band BOAT is not to be missed, so finding that they were playing at Luigi’s Fungarden last night was a pleasant surprise.  The Seattle-based band is on a weekend tour playing Sacramento(last night), San Francisco(tonight at The Hemlock Tavern), Portland(May 26th at Mississippi Studios) ending back in Seattle on the 27th.

BOAT has quite the Sacramento following.  The crowd danced their asses off and sang along to nearly all the songs.  The band is upbeat and fun in a grown up pop-rock kind of way that is really exciting.  While you listen to their lyrics you find that they are honest about everyday life and love however the way they present those emotions, intentional or not, is rather humorous.  It is obvious they are not taking themselves too seriously and that they actually enjoy what they are doing together.  BOAT is really fun to watch partly because they do not stand still.  They are switching instruments, dancing around and genuinely having a good time.  It is rare to find a band that knows how to put on a show and that is exactly what they did.  It was perfect for a Sacramento Thursday night.

Please visit BOAT’s website, check them out and listen to some tunes at

Words and photos by Melissa Uroff

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