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I hit the streets this past Saturday to see what I could see.  On my adventures, I found the band Pets playing out of their garage and it was the highlight of the night.

PETS is made up of Allison Jones, Derek Fieth and a drum machine.  This past Second Saturday was one last hoorah before moving from the house the two had been living in for the past 10 years.  And play they did.  They had the crowd tapping their toes and moving their heads in no time.  Pets beats are catchy and the band is having so much fun it is contagious. They are truly enjoying what they are doing and it shows.

People walking and biking throughout the streets of midtown continued to stop and watch for a few songs, dancing a little and smiling to each other before moving on.  There was a core group who stayed throughout the entire set.  A couple of young girls (who I am pretty sure was Sacramento’s own Dog Party)  shook tambourines and maracas to the drum machine.  One man brought his lawn chair and set up on the sidewalk for a front row seat.  A lady and her very fluffy dog walked past the garage three times pretending not to notice what was going on, but she wasn’t fooling anybody.  One fan was even Kepi Ghoulie who continued to yell, “one more song!” each time the band was about to end the set.  By request, they continued to play to please a rocking out crowd.

I thoroughly enjoyed each minute of Pets.  Make sure to catch their next show.  You will not be disappointed.

Words by Melissa Uroff

Photos by Melissa Uroff

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