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North Carolina’s Bombadil (Stuart Robinson, Daniel Michalak, and James Phillips), one of the most critically-acclaimed bands you may never have heard of, will release a special double-vinyl, limited-edition of Tarpits and Canyonlands, the band’s album that critics have referred to as “the album that should have made [Bombadil] famous.” This is a genuine project of … Continue reading

Sad Numbers is genuine fun and more
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Sad Numbers is genuine fun and more

The sad face emoticon used by Sad Numbers may seem like just another elusive aspect to the hard-to-define-yet-easy-to-enjoy band, but it actually speaks volumes about their music. Whether you catch that sad smiley on one of the CDs handmade by Josh Berkley (but painted à la DIY chic by his young daughter), or online when … Continue reading